mango jalapeño guacamole


Happy Cinco de Mayo all. I figured the least I could do was make some guac today, right? If only it were that simple. I realized this morning I didn’t own a molcajete. Huge crisis, people. Huge. Now meanwhile, I also have my last law school final tomorrow morning…ever. My priorities aren’t always in line, like today for example. I beelined it to good ol’ Williams Sonoma this afternoon to make sure I had a molcajete to put my guac in. Crisis averted. Well, let me rephrase. Crisis that wasn’t so much of a crisis but was in my mind, averted.

So here’s my spin on your traditional guac. You can’t go wrong with mango and jalapeño. If you don’t have a high heat tolerance, make sure to remove every little jalapeño seed, without the seeds the peppers aren’t hot. Quite the versatile little guys. Also, enjoy my tangent on avocado gadgets. Here’s a bit of a preview. Those avocado shaped gadgets you see in the stores are totally worth it. I vouch for the Kuhn Rikon one, cleverly called the ‘avocado knife.’

mango jalapeño guacamole
serves 8
useful gadgets: avocado knife, mini food processor

3 avocados, halved, seeded and peeled
2 limes, juiced
3 jalapenos, seeded and minced
1 cup mango, chopped
1 cup tomatoes, chopped
1 cup loosely packed cilantro, about 1 bunch
½ white onion, minced
1 tsp salt

In a molcajete or large bowl, combine the lime juice, jalapeños, mango, tomatoes, onion and salt. I minced and chopped everything in my mini food processor. It works wonders, really. Not to mention it’s a huge time saver.

Now here comes my tangent on avocado gadgets. This Kuhn Rikon thingy is called an avocado knife. Kudos to Kuhn Rikon. I’ve always had some problem getting my avocados out in one piece and not looking completely unappetizing. So here’s to you, Kuhn Rikon, for creating this avocado knife to slice, seed and peel my avocados. You may see these things in the store and think, “Who the heck buys these?” This girl. And I highly recommend them.


Back to the guac. Add the avocado halves one at a time, mashing each well with the pestle. Fold in the cilantro last and mix well so the ingredients are evenly distributed. If you’re not serving the guac immediately, cover it with plastic wrap. To make sure it doesn’t brown right away, press the plastic wrap so it touches the surface of the guac, seal it tightly around the edge of the molcajete or bowl and refrigerate. Serve that day.


And of course, a big shout out to my favorite guinea pigs that eat everything I make.  I don’t know what I’d do without their honest commentary, because let’s face it, none of us can always be on our A game. Before I post anything you can be sure one of these guys have taste tested it for you.

photo (2)

whisk away!

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